“Kruti” is a collective impact umbrella created by integrating the livelihood efforts and marketing efforts of Deomali Rural Hospitality and Marketing Pvt Ltd (DRHM)

“Kruti”  means creativity and all our initiatives under our design venture "Kruti By Maahuaa" are planned to stretch our creativity to the widest extent in order to bring financial viability and a big smile among numerous rural producers we are supporting through our various initiatives and bring a sense of belonging, satisfaction, and responsibility among the urban consumers. Once “Kruti” is followed by a group or a society and also passed on from generation to generation, it becomes “Sanskruti”. Ours is an endeavor towards preserving this “Sanskruti” through our brand “Kruti By Maahuaa”.

Through the Kruti BY Maahuaa initiative, DRHM is empowering numerous women and men engaged in Art & Craft and Handloom across Six Indian States (Odisha, West Bengal, Bihar, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh)

Our intent is to minimize financial non-viability among producers and preserve and showcase the beauty of rural India among Indians who have somehow lost the train that runs through the real India “RURAL INDIA”.

The ultimate aim is to bring livelihood security in an inclusive manner by minimising the role of middlemen and maintaining principles of “Fair Trade” in the entire value chain.

Maahuaa Roy is a Fashion graduate with specialization in Clothing Production Technology (CPT) from NIFT - Kolkata. She started her career as Fashion Designer in an Export House. 

Maahuaa, not only wanted to showcase the rich Indian culture to the Globe, she also wanted to uplift rural mass with magical talents in art and craft. Its this vision of her that created natural alignment with KRUTI to foster a creative culture, encouraging people of all backgrounds, ages and skill levels to explore, participate and experiment with the visual arts. 

Maahuaa provides training to the rural artisans by conducting workshops from time to time thus increasing economic opportunities for them. 

Maahuaa also understands the importance of conserving environmental resources and shares those ideals with her work force. Her design philosophy is to make clothing and accessories with minimal environmental impact and maximum social impact. 

Krutishoppe.com is the online shopping portal of Deomali Rural Hospitality and Marketing Pvt Ltd (DRHM) ) which is an initiative by a group of like-minded professionals who wish to provide a platform that works as a bridge between rural India and its producers on one side and the urban consumers on the other side.

Every purchase that you make at Krutishoppe.com brings in a big smile on the face of someone extremely talented in these known and unknown territories of India.

Kruti By Maahuaa Specialises in:

  • Designer Hand-painted Sarees (Pattachitra, Saura and Madhubani) with design inputs from Ms. Maahuaa Roy
  • Designer Handloom Kurtis (Kotpad, Ikat, Baiga, Batik and Kantha) with design inputs from Ms. Maahuaa Roy
  • Designer Handloom and Handpainted Western Shoes and Jutis with design inputs from Ms. Maahuaa Roy
  • Designer Bags and Clutches with design inputs from Ms Maahuaa Roy
  • Handloom Sarees weaved by rural and tribal weavers (Sambalpuri Silk and Cotton Sarees,Kotpad Organic Cotton and Silk Sarees) with design inputs from Ms. Maahuaa Roy
  • Handloom Stoles, Dupatta and Shawls by rural and tribal weavers (Kotpad, Ikat) with design inputs from Ms. Maahuaa Roy
  • Designer Batik and Kantha Saree, Dupatta and Stole from West Bengal
  • Dokra Tribal Metal Craft from Odisha
  • Pattachitra Paintings and Saura Tribal Paintings from Odisha
  • Madhubani Paintings from Bihar
  • Miniature Paintings from Rajasthan
  • Warli Tribal Paintings from Maharashtra
  • Baiga Weave and Gond Tribal Painting from Madhya Pradesh.

Traditional Weaves, Art & Craft that we incubate our products around:

Kotpad Organic Weave:

Kruti By Maahuaa proudly supports weaves by extremely poor weavers belonging to Panka caste of Kotpad in Koraput district of Odisha led by National Awardee Shri Bidyadhar Mahanta. The unique feature of these handloom weaves is the organic dye used which is extracted from “Aul” tree root. Traditionally these weaves were for nearby tribal communities. Usually, the yarn is cotton and tusser and the products are sarees, shawls, dupattas, stoles, kurtis, designer blouses, shoes and jutis. Primarily maroon and black colors are used and it takes 4-6 weeks to produce these products from dyeing to weaving.These products are suitable for all seasons.

 Ikat (Magic with Tie & Dye):

Kruti By Maahuaa incubates its Ikat product line by working with weavers in Western Odisha and Pochampally in Telangana. We work in some of the most complex yet contemporary weave patterns that can be created with Tie & Dye. Our Ikat product range includes sarees, dupattas, stoles, shoes, jutis, kurtis, bags, clutches and home furnishings.

Traditional Paintings:

Kruti By Maahuaa has been supporting traditional and tribal art since its inception. We support Traditional Pattachitra, Madhubani and Rajasthan Miniature Art. We also support Tribal Warli, Saura and Gond Art.Apart from the conventional painting in these art forms, Kruti By Maahuaa has made these art forms appealing to a wider audience by adding fine contemporary nuances in the form of Sarees, Stoles, Dupattas, Kurtis and Dress Materials apart from traditional paintings to be displayed on wall. Kruti By Maahuaa encourages its panel artists to retain their paintings in original style, however on surfaces and shapes which are of contemporary acceptance and utility. 

 "Pattachitra Paintings" is an ancient art practiced by skilled artists known as “Chitrakaras” in various parts of Odisha. The canvas is made up of cloth coated with natural stabilizers over which the artists recreate mythological themes mostly based on the life of Lord Krishna. This art is also done on silk cloth, palm leaf, coconut shell and many household materials. Time taken for each painting ranges from few days to months and the work is extremely intricate and requires well-trained skill. Kruti By Maahuaa supports Master Pattachitra artist Brajeshwar Pattnaik and his group of Pattachitra Artists (mostly ladies)

 “Saura Paintings”, apart from depicting primitive everyday life, are meant to appease the presiding deity. The Sauras are considered amongst the oldest tribes in India. They largely inhabit the tribal zone of Odisha.

“Rajasthan Miniature Paintings”, are known for their intricate work which requires master skill. Kruti By Maahuaa has made a mark for its range of Rajasthan Miniature hand painted Kurtis, Dupattas, Stoles & Jutis. Kruti By Maahuaa supports Master Rajasthan Miniature Artist Shri Panchulal and his daughter Sushree Rehmat.

 “Madhubani Paintings” is a traditional art form done by the women and men of villages around the present town of Madhubani in Bihar. The painting was traditionally done on freshly plastered mud walls and floors of huts, but now they are also done on cloth, hand-made paper, and canvas. Kruti By Maahuaa specializes in Madhubani hand painted Sarees, Stoles, Dupattas, Designer Blouses Shoes and Jutis and support National Awardee Shri Uttam Paswan, State Awardee Smt Dharmasheela Devi and Artist Smt Rita Jha.

 “Warli Paintings” like Saura Painting is characterised by geographical patterns builkt around village life. Typically done in tribal areas of Maharashtra and bordering Gujarat. Unlikee Saura Paintings which have  fine curvy patterns, Warli has coarse straight patterns. Kruti By Maahuaa supports Tribal Warli Artist Shri Dayanand and his team.

 Dokra Momentos:

Also known as Dhokra is a metal casting technique using the lost-wax clay casting technique. This technic dates back over 4,000 years into the times of Mohenjo-Daro. Presently this rare craft form has been kept alive in certain areas of Odisha. Chattisgarh, Jharkhand and West Bengal. Kruti By Maahuaa is committed to bring sustainable livelihood security to Dokra metal craftswomen and craftsmen from Odisha. Dokra Momento is a signature product that Kruti By Maahuaa associates itself with. We incubate our Dokra products with State Awardee couple of Shri Sansari and Smt Golap.


Kruti By Maahuaa (KBM) supports two ancient metal jewellery forms Brass Dokra and Silver Filigree from Odisha. Dokra is a technic that dates back over 4,000 years into the times of Mohenjo-Daro. We incubate our Dokra products with State Awardee couple of Shri Sansari and Smt Golap.

KBM proudly supports artisans from Odisha involved in silver filigree jewellery. Also know as “Tarakasi”, filigree from Odisha has history dating back to 500 years and gets identified by extremely intricate traditional designs made from thin silver wire. Designer Maahuaa Roy brings that fine design touch which gives a contemporary look to these highly traditional jewellery forms.

Both these jewelleries go well with Western and Indian wear.